Our trip to your beautiful country

Dear Kinga,

Tom and I are back in Berkeley.  The others are still in Burma.  We are recovering from the long journey from Paro to Berkeley: 48 hours! But it was well worth it.

 The 12 day journey was too short! It whizzed by.

Our guides, Yonten, Driver Gudu and Pema (sorry about the spelling) were great, very patient and very reliable.  Considering how hardy Bhutanese are — able to walk long distances and climb mountains without getting breathless, our group of elderly people must have seemed so wimpy!

 I will be connecting you with some of my friends who want to come to Bhutan, including Global Exchange, an environmentally conscious human rights organization where Tom and I were on the board for many years.  It organizes trips to unusual places: Cuba, Iran, North Korea.   Bhutan, despite its cost, embodies all the qualities that environmentally conscious Americans are striving for:  sustainability, tradition, clean air water etc…

Bhutan is the future via the past.  

 Thank you for organizing this memorable trip for us.  I loved meeting and talking to all kinds of people, especially children walking to and from school. These kids can walk! and talk! and are so well educated! They meditate and know the value of life. 

 Please send my best regards to Yonten and Pema and please forward the photos to them.

 best regards,