Bhutan Festival Tours

Bhutanese tradition is an expression of happiness, pride and values. There are festivals all year long and nationwide in honour of Guru Rinpoche (Padsambhava). Most festivals are held at the Dzongs and monasteries therefore giving you and experience of art, architecture and culture. Spirited expression takes place in these Tshechu (festivals) and it is considered a blessing in just attending any of these festivals.

Paro Tshechu (Festival) Tour

Excitement and spectacle of the Paro Tshechu

This tour takes you to excitement and spectacle of the Paro festival. Dressed in traditional finery, devotees flock to the Paro Dzong to proclaim their faith and receive blessings. Monks and lay people, dressed in their elaborate silk brocade costumes perform festival dances of good triumphing over evil to the haunting sound of trumpets, cymbals and flutes.

Duration: 8 Days 7 Nights

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Punakha Tshechu (Festival) Tour

Experience the beauty of  Punakha Drubchen and Punakha Tshechu.

Punakha located in the western part of Bhutan, is the winter home of the Je Khenpo, the Chief Abbot of the country. It has been of great importance since the time of Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyel in 17th century who is regarded as unifier of Bhutan. During Punakha festival, you will see locals dressed in their finest clothes who have walked for miles to attend the festivities.

Duration: 8 Days 7 Nights

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Thimphu Tshechu (Festival) Tour

One of the biggest festivals in Bhutan.

Thimphu Tshechu is one of the biggest festivals celebrated for three days. During this festival, various masked dances performed depicting many religious events from the life of Guru Rimpoche.

Duration: 8 Days 7 Nights

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Black Necked Crane Festival Tour

Annual Black-necked cranes festival is held every year .

The annual Black-necked cranes festival is held every year in Phobjikha on 11th November. The festival was initiated by RSPN (Royal Society for Protection of Nature) since 1998, in an effort to promote community based-sustainable tourism in the valley and to raise awareness among the visitors and local community on the importance of crane conservation.

Duration: 8 Days 7 Nights

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Jambay Lhakhang Drup & Prakhar Duchhoed Festival Tour

Experience the rich culture of Bhutan

Jambay Lhakhang, is one of the oldest temples in the kingdom, founded by Songtsen Gampo, a Tibetan King in the 7th century AD. The King was destined to build 108 temples known as Thadhul- Yangdhul (temples on and across the border) in a day to subdue the demoness that was residing in the Himalayas. This temple is one of the two of the 108 built in Bhutan

Duration: 11 Days 10 Nights

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Mongar & Trashigang Tshechu (Festival) Tour

Experience the sacred festival of Bhutan

This program traverses through spectacles of western, central & eastern Bhutan culminating with highlight of Mongar & Trashigang festivals. An insightful journey offering you opportunity to absorb the happiness of Bhutan, experiencing the nature at its best & enjoying delightful life of small towns and villages

Duration: 14 Days 13 Nights

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