Note of Appreciation

Dear Yonten,

We have returned back to Mumbai after a wonderful ten nights in Bhutan.

I wish to place on record my family’s sincere appreciation of the excellent work undertaken by your travel agency, and in particular by yourself. You are a true service oriented professional who loves his guests and wishes them to get the best out of his country. People like yourself embody the spirit of Bhutan. 

First, our thanks for changing our guide to Mr Sonam Jamtsho.  A soft speaking man, whose favourite phrase was “Yes, sure” , no matter how demanding the request, was a delight to be with. I think that by the end, he had accepted being part of our family. His knowledge of Buddhism helped us understand the various monuments. His willingness to resolve my requests helped us to enjoy the country more. We saw a lot in our short visit! Be it at hotels, restaurants, or anywhere else, Sonam was at our side being guide, mentor and friend. 

Then there was Mr Dawa. A rock of a man. Reserved at first, he gradually unloosened and shared his humour with us. I think frankly he could not understand us as we are so different from other indian tourists. He was always the gentleman, perfect in his driving and in view of Urvashi being unable to take twists and turns on the road at speed, he always went at the right speed. Going on that Phubjikha road, where the edge of the cliff was just a few inches away from our tyres, many a time, gave me heart palpitations but his firm handling on the roads gave us all great confidence. 

As i told you when we met, i am keen on Eastern Bhutan. I would appreciate if you can start working on the plan for say 12 to 15 days next time but such that if possible we take in a festival. I feel that November the weather becomes too cold so lets make it so that the trip is complete by end October . Hopefully road conditions will improve by then. 

Once again, many thanks to your travel agency , you and your team for a wonderful holiday. If you are ever in Mumbai, Ahmedabad or Goa , please let me know and we shall have a few days together. 

I would request that in your company’ s template on travel requirements, along with details on documents needed, you MUST state that Bhutan per se does not have a credit or debit card culture. You must say that hotels and restaurants in general do not take cards, only CASH is accepted. Travellers must bring adequate cash and must inform their local Banks that they may use the card in  Bhutan so as to avoid the card being blocked. This will avoid people like me getting into a fix! 

Warm regards and many thanks

Sunil S Mehta

I shall send photos of Sonam and Dawa soon. My comp has crashed so am in process of getting it fixed. I am in Goa for twelve days and will return end of the month when i will action the pics.