Fano Group

Dear Anil,

Please forgive me for not writing to you before but you cannot  imagine what I found when I got back. If you consider that I will leave in ten days to Costa Rica  and I have a million thinks to be done before my departure, I hope you will understand me.

I wish to tell you that everything was OK with Fano group and that they all appreciated very much their tour;  especially they were very happy with our two guides: Krisna and SUBASH: all of us we fell in love with him!!!

He has been all the tour long the best possible guide we could have: always smiling, amusing, helpful, joyful, wishing to give the most that he could, making us  love his country… Really an excellent young guy. Please note that, should I organize another  tour to Bhutan HE WILL HAVE TO BE WITH US!!!

Thank you for what you did for us (wine offered in  Punakha to warm us up, traditional Bhutan dress for our venue at hotel and all  the rest!)

Thanks again and let’s hope to meet soon again.